Sunday Half-Hour: Final programme

BBC Radio 2’s Sunday Half-Hour has its final broadcast tonight Sunday 13 January at 8.30pm.

It is being closed down with just a week’s notice after 72 years.

The substitute is to be at 6am. The BBC claims that the new programme will be an hour long.

However, this statement masks the the fact that R2 is reducing its religious output by 30 mins.

BUT all is not lost. Recently the BBC dropped Wednesday’s choral evensong but public demand had it reinstated later in the year.

If you care please sign the petition.


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2 Responses to Sunday Half-Hour: Final programme

  1. Rod Butler says:

    I listened to Radio 2 ( Michel Ball Show) last night between 8.30 & 9 and there were 2 programmes being broadcast at the same time !!!
    As a result the latter part of the Michael Ball show was a bit of a disaster.
    Could this be internal sabotage at the BBC or an act of God ?
    I thought this may be of interest .
    Good luck with the petition.
    Kind regards

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