Save Sunday Half-Hour Petition: 150+ signatures

The Save Sunday Half-Hour petition was launched on Thursday and so far signatures of support are running at  50 a day.

So many people point out that there are listeners who do not have access to a computer and are not awake at 6am.

BBC Radio 2 is moving Sunday Half-Hour from 8.30pm to 6am and rebranding it! Why change a brand known all over the English speaking world?

Please tell friends about the online petition.

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4 Responses to Save Sunday Half-Hour Petition: 150+ signatures

  1. Mrs C Daymond says:

    I have listened to Sunday half hour for over 60 years,always on an evening,it was a big part of my life. I am hugely disappointed and disgusted that it is being changed without a thought for the avid listeners,however small the number may be in comparison to the morning slot. It was a meaningful way to end Sundays and should NOT be moved after so long.

  2. Derek and Brenda Sisson says:

    Is this another step towards marginalising Christianity ?

  3. Derek and Brenda Sisson says:

    We are very sorry that the BBC has taken this decision.

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