Rose Hudson-Wilkin at St Mary-at-Hill

Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin will preside at the Bach Vespers at St Mary-at-Hill on Sunday 26 October.

The service, which starts at 5.30pm, will include JS Bach’s Cantata BWV 80 Ein Feste Burg, based on the Lutheran hymn known in English as A mighty fortress is our God written by Martin Luther.

Preb Rose Hudson-Wilkin will be meeting the Lutheran congregation for the fitst time ahead of her installation next month as priest-in-charge of St Mary-at-Hill.

She remains chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons where she leads daily prayers at the start of each sitting.

At St Mary-at-Hill Anglican services are on Wednesdays and Lutheran on most Sundays. The Church of England and the Lutheran Church work together, whilst maintaining their own identities, through the Porvoo Agreement.

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