Prince opens shop next to St Mary Moorfields

The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow’s Store has opened next door to St Mary Moorfields.

The shop, opened this week by Prince Charles, sells jewellery, clothes, homewares and stationery by young entrepreneurs who have set up in business with support from the Trust.

The two destinations being together should help footfall for both.

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One Response to Prince opens shop next to St Mary Moorfields

  1. Alan says:

    Lovely church; hard to see unless one knows about it. Is it really the only Catholic Church in the City? I thought Ely Place had an EC postcode – so the charming St Etheldreda’s would qualify. And is there one on Albion Street?

    I like the shop/church mind-meld. St Ethelburga’s used to have a shop sort-of sellotaped to its outer wall. I believe St Bart’s the Greater has a newsagent just outside its front gate. It gives a village atmosphere.

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