Lutherans to leave St Anne & St Agnes

The Lutheran congregation is to leave St Anne and St Agnes Church in May.

A formal decision was made at a congregational meeting this week. Another meeting will be held shortly to consider a new home.

It is understood that an amicable agreement with the Diocese of London to remain has not proved possible. The congregation has discussed approaching the Finnish Church in Rotherhithe.

The Lutherans have been there for 27 years and attract around thirty nationalities. In the Thirties the charming little Wren church had a Europe focus with its rector Bishop Basil Batty who had responsibility for Anglicans abroad.

The last minister was Jeruma Grinberga who as Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Great Britain read the Old Testament lesson at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s enthronement.

She is also Co-President of Churches Together in England.

St Anne & St Agnes is the only church in Britain to offer Bach Vespers.

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