Sunday Half-Hour: 500+ sign petition

The petition calling for BBC R2 Sunday Half-Hour to be saved has reached over 500.

This is significant since most listeners do not yet know about the online petition and many loyal listeners do not have a computer.

The figure is rising as I write and the comments under the signatures indicate shock and distress at the BBC’s decision to move the programme to 6am and give it a new name.

The longer hour programme starting before dawn this Sunday 20 January is not  compensation.

The petition can be read and signed HERE.

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2 Responses to Sunday Half-Hour: 500+ sign petition

  1. Jo Siedlecka says:

    My neighbours are regular listeners. They don’t have computers or access to email. I’ve just told them that there is no programme this evening. They were very upset.

  2. Colin bell says:

    I think the total is now nearing 1000.
    I have e-mailed the Controller of Radio 2 suggesting that he listen to the listeners.
    Sadly I do not believe that the BBC top brass are very good at listening to the public who pays their very substantial salaries..

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