Southwark Dean: Andrew Nunn

Good news from Southwark Cathedral this morning. Sub-Dean Andrew Nunn is to be the new Dean.

He succeeds Colin Slee who died a year ago.

There was great joy when the surprise announcement was made at the end of the Choral Eucharist. The congregation did not expect the news to be released on a Sunday or hold out too much hope that Andrew would be named since he was already a member of the chapter.

See story on London SE1 website which had it first.

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  1. Pencefn says:

    Spontaneous applause at the announcement, which was interupted for the standing ovation.

    Surprise – maybe? I do not know of anyone I spoke to who did not think this was a possibility. Andrew has led the congregation for the past year during Colin’s illness and following his death. We have all seen what a great job he has made of it.

    Announcement on a Sunday – most definitely. We had been led to believe that an announcement would be made before the end of October, and Andrew had only just returned from pilgrimage the day before.

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